At home with biodynamics

(renamed from Gardening by the Moon)

A monthly subscription to help you transition your garden from 'just' organic, into a biodynamic oasis.

Learn the skills you need to learn in order to transition your garden from conventional gardening methods or organic gardening into a biodynamic approach.

Use a biodynamic calendar with confidence.

I used to look at my biodynamic moon calendar with absolute confusion - it was fascinating to look at all the data, but I had no idea what to actually do in the garden each day.

I really don't want you to waste your time feeling confused if I can help...

Biodynamics is a lifelong journey, and you'll probably ALWAYS be studying your moon calendar, experimenting with the next layer of detail. I know when I started using it, there was no 'basic' guide to get me started - and that's how this subscription came to be.

If you are interested in using the calendar, but feel a little overwhelmed by all the signs & symbols, then this could be the perfect guide to help you get YOUR tasks into YOUR schedule.


I recommend making your own calendar, and in this course I give you a couple of options that you can copy while you get started.

My goal is your independence.

What's included?

Each month has a spreadsheet to download with the phases of the moon, along with the sign the moon is passing through - helping determine whether each day is best for leafy greens, root vegetables, flowers or fruiting crops.

There's a behind-the-scenes update of all the projects I'm working on, so you can see a little of the thinking that goes into why certain events are scheduled at particular times.

I've also started including a few of my favourite books and resources in the 'extra resources' section and overlapping with the content in the Foodscaping course, so you can implement the suggestions I make, and also build your own library for independent study.

Office Hours
A chance to bring your questions and talk through your tasks for the month. I'd love to hear (and see) what calendar system you are using, and how you fit gardening around the rest of your life.

Reading the Calendar

Learn what all the symbols mean, and which ones are important for you to take note of.

There IS a lot of information, but you can learn just what you need to get started, and keep learning the rest of your life.

Seed Sowing Rhythm

How would you like to establish a gentle rhythm of planting seeds for a couple of weeks, then planting seeds out for a couple of weeks

Nature is full of breathing cycles, and you can create rhythms in your gardening tasks.

Working with the Soil

In biodynamics, there are certain times of the month where plants respond better to transplanting, pruning and feeding. All this and more is covered each month.

Subscription Plans

Stay as long as it's useful, cancel whenever you like.

Winter pricing starts June 1st, 2022. Hop on board before then to get the lower price.

Office Hours

Each month there are Zoom Q&A sessions.

Bring your list of tasks and we'll create a plan for your month of lunar gardening.

Zoom links all inside the course.

Can't make it to a Zoom session? Send your questions anyway, to get a personalised Loom recording from Katrina.


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  Key Resources
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  Basic Biodynamics for beginners
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  Monthly Updates (last three months), showing how I interpret the biodynamic calendar with my gardening projects
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  Extra Resources
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  Book Reviews related to Biodynamic Home Gardening & Anthroposophy
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This is for you if....

  • You'd like to feel more in control of your gardening tasks.
  • You want to learn to observe how your garden responds to doing tasks in alignment with the moon's rhythms.
  • You're curious about biodynamics. 

This is not for you if....

  • You're a commercial grower looking for ways to grow food more for less effort, and mechanise the moon calendar processes. (I'm more about home gardening and helping people take the pressure off the soil.)
  • You can't stand the concept of the moon having any influence on the earth.
  • You are looking for a rigid prescription to follow without having to think.

Subscription Plans

Stay as long as it's useful, cancel whenever you like.

Note: Prices are increasing from March 1st, 2022.