1: The Whole


The Whole

Feel into your space, take an imaginary walk around it. What parts do you love being in, where do you avoid, and why? What are the energetic qualities of each space? 


Sketch your garden (or your section, or even your balcony) from memory, as a map.

I do this in three steps:

  1. First try to get the basic elements in place - buildings, paths, roads, structures.
  2. Then some functional elements washing line, chicken coop, areas that I’ve named. 
  3. Finally, I start putting marks on spaces, showing which bits I love, and which bits need attention. Colour coding at this point is where it gets really fun. 

You ought to end up with a map that will form the basis of a work plan, and your future projects might now be highlighted with a colour that will draw your attention to them. 


Save this somewhere to look at in a year, so you can compare the two maps and get a sense of achievement at the progress you’ve made. You could even repeat it each year, and build up an album of your garden over time.