What's Foodscaping?

I found the term in a library book on edible gardening, did a few google searches and liked what I saw... except that most of the material was aimed at an American clientele being rebellious by planting food in their front garden, something illegal in parts of America. Imagine that!

For me foodscaping is more about bringing flowers, herbs and structural elements into the vegetable garden and blurring the lines between what gets planted for show and what's purely functional.

I’ve been foodscaping with people for a few years now, and it’s something I like to do in a slow, careful, thoughtful manner. I will ideally get to observe how my client cooks, what flavours they enjoy most, and also whether they are a ‘grab it quick’ kind of cook, or if they are rather the type of person to walk intentionally around the garden and harvest a basket of food in the morning for using that evening. 

We are all so very different, but can all design our kitchen gardens to suit our personalities - aren’t we lucky. 

How this course works:

These meditations are designed to be done in a particular sequence, but you can of course choose to do them in any order. Work in your own style.

You could also start a foodscaping journal, and take notes after each meditation. 


I'd love to hear how you find the process, and if there's a way to continually improve this for other students.

Good luck with your foodscaping.


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