Welcome to this mini course on making a worm farm from a simple bucket. It's a fun way to try out worm farming with minimal investment, and yet also a great way to slowly grow a larger worm farm until you have enough capacity to take all the food scraps you want.

Things to gather for this project:

  1. A bucket with a lid.
  2. A drill with a 14mm drill bit. I use a drill bit that cuts a circle, called a spade drill bit, I've also seen spur point or brad point drill bits that look like they do a similar job. Talk with the salespeople in your local hardware store to get the best advice, and please always put safety first.
  3. Tiger Worms (composting worms) to get started - you can often get some from a friend with a thriving worm farm. These are also sold in boxes at hardware stores, or you could look online for someone selling worms.
  4. Bedding material - if you get worms from an existing worm farm, then a generous amount of the material from the worm farm will help them settle into a new home easily.
  5. Food scraps or other material to feed the worms. (See relevant lesson)
  6. You need somewhere to 'plant' the worm farm in the ground. I have large planters with buckets submerged into them - the size of a half wine barrel planter is perfect for this. (See relevant lesson)

If you want to read ahead before you gather everything that's fine. Just remember this welcome section is where you'll find the list of materials.

Off we go. Congratulations - you're about to become a worm farmer!

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