Why worm farming?

It's an incredibly satisfying way to watch your food scraps get transformed into healthy soil. And you get the added benefit of feeling like a farmer, tending your thousands and thousands of worms.

You could go out and buy a big fancy worm farm... or you could look around for what you have at home that would be suitable to get started.

Want to have a go at this simple DIY method?

Bucket with flowers growing around it

This could be your new worm farm

All you need to get started is: a bucket and a lid. And something to make holes in the bottom of the bucket, and then some worms to start you off.

Oh, and you'll need something to feed the worms - perhaps your food scraps?

All the additional information, troubleshooting, tips, and shortcuts are in the course.

Good luck!

How much is it? (Price is in NZ Dollars)