Making your own moon calendar (e.g. November 2020)

It's important to use a biodynamic moon calendar if you want to follow the rhythms of the moon in your gardening.

My personal favourite is the Astro Calendar by Brian Keats, and I carry this everywhere.

No matter what calendar you use, it's nice to create a month for yourself ahead of time, and plan what your intentions are in the garden. I've included a video example of how I took the month of November 2020 and made a DIY moon calendar with space for writing details about what I did in the garden for the month.

Things to note:

  1. Full moon
  2. New moon
  3. Ascending period
  4. Descending period
  5. Moon opposite Saturn
  6. Nodes
  7. Maramataka

I'd love to see how you interpret the calendar for your space - you are welcome to email me photos of your work.


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