Why Workplace Edible Gardening?

What people do at home is their own business. Public spaces though, are expected to have a higher bar when it comes to Health & Safety, right? The time has come for Sustainability to sit alongside every other category of workplace legal compliance.

And this includes composting.

Lots and lots of workplaces have a lunchroom with a little compost bin for tea bags and coffee grounds. Imagine if there were a worm farm just outside the door, and a little garden being fed by the worm castings?

Or another scenario - a larger workplace employing young people wanting to walk the talk of sustainability. How can you show them you are trying? My answer is the workplace edible garden. Start by composting just the easy stuff, and start by growing just the simple things - it could be flowers for bees, it could be mint for tea, parsley for salads... the important thing is to begin

The Blue Borage framework (free to download) can be used as an audit tool to help you see where in your workplace you could make some easy changes, and also plan your long-term gardening and composting goals.

See how these very different workplaces have started composting and edible gardening, may they inspire others to follow suit.

PS: Get in touch if you'd like to be interviewed for a section in this course. Think of it as a free (very public) edible gardening consultation that can help you make even more positive changes in your workplace.

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