This is the first course I designed, to help everyone everywhere learn to grow food from seed. Many of my customers have particularly enjoyed learning to make their own seed-raising mix and potting mix. No more plastic bags!

It's a fun basis from which to grow so much food that you'll be able to share with friends, colleagues, or start a crop swap and exchange your abundance for what someone else is growing.

We'll walk through every step of the process, from making soil to choosing seeds, you'll learn to care for your baby plants through to putting them out in the garden, and we'll touch on edible flowers, container gardening, worm farming and compost.

It's packed full!

Are you ready to dive in?

Katrina in boot of the car

Hi, I’m Katrina, and I have spent the last few years teaching community groups about edible gardening and composting.

In this course, Grow From Seed, you'll learn all the tips and tricks I share with homeowners and gardeners all over Auckland.

What do you think you'll grow first? Food, or flowers? Once you've got the basics, you can grow almost anything.

Let's get started