Have you always wished you could grow your own microgreens at home, and not have to wait for the farmers' market to buy them on the weekend?

Here's your guide to getting started.

It's a free course - basically the instructions that get added to the microgreen starter kits people get when they attend one of my workshops.

To book a workshop, send an email to [email protected] or get onto my email list to see when I'm in your part of the city.

Happy growing!


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These are so yummy, you'll want to grow lots of them.

Before you get too enthusiastic and invest in bulk trays, seeds, and a greenhouse... it's a good idea to grow a few small punnets and work out exactly which flavours you prefer.

I recommend people start with either pea shoots or sunflowers. If you live in New Zealand you can order these from King's Seeds.

Are you ready to get growing? Let's get started!

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