Use containers when you can't dig in the soil

No garden, no problem. Let's get creative!

Lots of people find ways to get an edible garden into a small space like a balcony or courtyard. In this course, you'll get tips on how to start your own container garden - from choosing pots, to soil, to plants, and even including some composting solutions that work in small spaces.

Wooden planters

The garden shown throughout this course is made from a wooden planter 50cm x 50cm. You can get your planters custom made. They look the most natural, but please research the wood - has it been treated, and are you happy to grow food in it?

Plastic Planters

This is often the cheapest option, but there are lots of planters that have a look of wood, concrete or terracotta. The advantage with water is that it's light, won't break, and often makes watering much easier.

Terracotta & Ceramic Planters

Go for a modern look, and coordinate with your decor.

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Become a gardener

You don't need a huge amount of time to tend a garden - container gardening is the perfect way to start small and grow when you feel like adding more.