Hello and welcome to Gifting Gardens, a new course in June 2021, coinciding with a car accident that left me (Katrina) without use of my tow bar to dismantle my garden.

It's time to ask for some help!

Why this course though?

I feel like the way Auckland is getting developed is a trend that is accelerating - so many gardens getting dismantled to make way for dense housing.

The housing is needed, and the gardens were (sometimes) not really appreciated, but every now and then a special garden comes along, one that needs a community to rally around the gardener and find homes for all the treasures - plants, tools and soil.

18A Landing Road is that kind of a garden, and the time to dismantle it is running out.

How can you help?

There are many ways to participate:

1) Buy boxes of plants and come to collect them. Each sale funds another delivery of soil to someone just starting their gardening journey.

2) Babysit a hot compost pile for 3-5 months. There's a lot of work that goes into each cubic metre pile - you may have time and energy to help build it, or perhaps you are just offering the space in your garden. We'll work around a range of scenarios.

3) Volunteer - that might mean saving dozens of borage plants and potting up boxes for sale or it might mean filling a trailer with hugelkultur logs to create a new garden for a beginner gardener. There's so much to do.

4) Just registering for this course and getting the erratic updates is a help. Pick your contribution as a one-off or monthly sum and know that someone (probably in West Auckland) will get a garden and feel so very very grateful for it.

5) Share this post, and share the 'Growing Gardens' posts from Instagram.

Thanks for being part of the journey - let's get this garden restructured so it's even better than before!